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RA Web Service REST v4.4.2 works in both AWI & JUI

  • 1.  RA Web Service REST v4.4.2 works in both AWI & JUI

    Posted Jan 31, 2019 06:39 AM

    The old v3 RA Web Service Agent Solution combined REST and SOAP capabilities into a single RA solution. Starting with v4, the solution was split into two separate solutions: one for REST, and another for SOAP.


    Early versions of the RA Web Service REST Agent Solution, such as v4.0, did not offer full support for the Java User Interface. It was not possible to edit jobs via the JUI. If one tried to do so, one would see the following message:

    This object type can only be edited via the Automic Web Interface (AWI).


    Figure 1. Editing a Web Service REST v4.0.1 job in the Java User Interface


    The new v4.x agent included fixes and improvements that were not available in the version 3.x agent. This put us in a bit of a bind:

    • Update to v4.x, but become dependent on the Automic Web Interface; or
    • Remain on v3.x, but do without the bug fixes and improvements.


    Recently I discovered that the RA Web Service REST Agent Solution v4.4.2 (download) now fully supports the Java User Interface (JUI).

    Figure 2. Editing a Web Service REST v4.4.2 job in the Java User Interface


    I contacted CA Support yesterday about this change, and received official confirmation:

    yes, this is supported as long as v11.2/12.0 is in maintenance/support. Once no more official JAVA UI is supported - this might drop from the solution. 11.2 is out of maintenance but still in support until Oct-2109. 12.0 will be out of maintenance Oct-2019 and out of support Oct-2020.


    I do not know in exactly which version this capability was added. It’s great news for us though, because it means we can migrate from the old unified v3.x REST/SOAP agent to the new v4.x REST agent without adding a dependency on the AWI. I did not see this change announced or documented anywhere, so I thought I would post the information here.