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Job scheduling

  • 1.  Job scheduling

    Posted 11-01-2018 03:28 AM

    Dear Experts,


    I have come across requirement where a  JobA (single task) has to run every 30 mins .

    The next job ( JobA) should trigger only after its first execution is completed and so forth for the next executions.


    How can I achieve this?


    Appreciate your guidance.

    Thank you,


  • 2.  Re: Job scheduling

    Posted 11-01-2018 05:37 AM

    Use Event Object to accomplish this task

  • 3.  Re: Job scheduling

    Posted 11-08-2018 04:53 AM

    Hi Hamanshu,


    Is it Time based event object?

    Where exactly can we reference the job in the event object? 

  • 4.  Re: Job scheduling

    Posted 11-05-2018 01:31 AM


    try with tasks running parallel option from Attributes tab or use event or sync

  • 5.  Re: Job scheduling

    Posted 11-08-2018 04:45 AM

    Hello Praveen,


    In the Attributes tab--> Under Tasks Running Parallel---> Max number = 1  else Wait/Abort.

    Is this correct?

  • 6.  Re: Job scheduling

    Posted 03-19-2019 09:27 AM

    You can create a recurring job with a period of 30 min. In the attributes tab give max no parallel runs as 1 and else condition as wait/abort depending on your choice.