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  • 1.  Screen images cut off - required resolution

    Posted Mar 22, 2018 03:10 PM
    I am using an HP 350 G1 (laptop) with a resolution of 1368x768.   SOME objects, particularly the RA_FTP jobs cut off the bottom of the screen.   If I have more than three command entries, I cannot see the bottom of the last command entry - the slide bar either disappears completely or simply does not drag to the bottom. 

    Others in my group with 1920x displays, see the entire panel.   

    What do I need to do to get the full panel consistently?

    GUI 11.2.6  with java 1.8.0_144 64 bit on Windows 10
    AE is 11.2.2

  • 2.  Screen images cut off - required resolution
    Best Answer

    Posted Mar 22, 2018 04:17 PM

    I would do following:

    * update your graphics driver
    * try another JAVA 1.8.0_1XX version
    * try UI 11.2.7
    * try another screen resolution
    * dont use RA FTP Objects (just kidding :-)  )

    cheers, Wolfgang

  • 3.  Screen images cut off - required resolution

    Posted Mar 22, 2018 04:17 PM
    I have similar problems with RA_FTP jobs.  They simply don't behave like normal windows.

    I would try going to Window/Cascade and Window/TileHorizontal to force your windows into different configurations and see if you can get to what you need.  I use these options when I switch to a short screen, and the client wants to cut off all of my bottom window(s).

  • 4.  Screen images cut off - required resolution

    Posted Mar 26, 2018 04:41 AM

    Since Automic won't be doing anything about the Java interface anymore, and AWI will also probably work best at HD resolution, I propose two avenues:

    • you may want to look into an "oversized desktop" software, which can create a "viewport" based on your native resolution, but provide a faked resolution that's higher  (e.g. 1920*1080), and you can edge-scroll on that virtual big screen. This is a good solution for software that is designed with higher resolutions in mind, on a comparatively small screen. Certain graphics drivers have this built-in already, Windows 10 has it as far as I know (edit: not sure if viewports or just switchable virtual desktops), but there is a wealth of commercial and maybe some free software to provide this also. A starting point may be a Google search for "oversized desktop", "virtual desktop" or some such.
    • possibly an external screen would be a solution as well. I do not mean to sound condescending, but HD resolution or something higher than what your laptop provides is something I rate very high in terms of general improvements to a workspace.



  • 5.  Screen images cut off - required resolution

    Posted Mar 29, 2018 10:05 AM
    Changing the View option between Classic and Standard helps a little.

    I upgraded my PC java to 1.8.0_161 (64 bit) and the java client to 11.2.7.

    This improved the behavior, the slider on the left does not disappear.   The lowest window is still
    cut off,  but the lowest enter-able field is now displayed (On Failure in the case of  the Copy command)