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Comparing objects in different OH Client

  • 1.  Comparing objects in different OH Client

    Posted Mar 22, 2019 06:06 AM

    We use multiple Automic/ UC4 clients (OH_Client) for different environments (Prod, UAT, QA and Dev).


    A challenge we came across this week is to compare the objects in different environments. We have hundreds of different objects in each environments in various levels of hierarchy. They usually match in each environment. But in some cases, they don't.


    Apparently there isn't a built-in tool to support comparing the objects in different clients. All I have is an idea someone posted on the forum and I did the first upvote on it.

    Comparing Objects/Versions of Objects 


    Has anyone come up with a way to compare the environments (OH client to be specific) so that we can standardize our code?

    Here are the not-efficient options:

    • I know we can manually export each object and compare the XML, but it would be tedious when hundreds of objects are involved.
    • We can probably compare the database tables. But it isn't simple either.


    But would be good to know if someone has approached this differently.