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  • 1.  Recuring workflow triggering Promptset

    Posted 12-20-2018 11:12 AM

    Dear Community,

    I try to implement a fuctionionallity to watch a directory for files and if a new file pops up i want to start a call to some logged in users and ask back if the processing of the file should start. To process the file i need some more additional information which I want to read via promptset and push to a second workflow started from the first workflow via activate_uc_object.


    As i designed the process i kept logged in and anything worked fine but after new login the object with the promptset doesn't start with fault_other - user with session not found. From documentation I got the hint that the user started the prozess need to be same with same session.



    Event -> Call (Request to 4 users) -> Script (activate Workflow2)



    PromptSet -> Data-Processing


    Is there any way how i can have a recuring planed workflow watch a direction and get a promptset for a different user logged in other than the user planned the workflow?

  • 2.  Re: Recuring workflow triggering Promptset

    Posted 12-20-2018 12:42 PM

    I wonder if the script in Workflow1 could use a :READ command to prompt for the desired user input, and then pass that value to Workflow2?



    EDIT: I fear this idea might have the same issue.

  • 3.  Re: Recuring workflow triggering Promptset

    Posted 12-20-2018 02:26 PM



    usually if an object gets started by another object and not the user itself the PRPT or READ won't pop up.


    So in my opinion you have following possibilities:


    A) get the CALL object and start teh workflow (with PRPT or :READ) manually

    B) let the CALL call the workflow with some defaults (if possible)


    cheers, Wolfgang

  • 4.  Re: Recuring workflow triggering Promptset

    Posted 12-27-2018 03:13 AM

    I would use a VARA where I will fill in the data from WF1 so that when WF2 starts to read the data first from this VARA and then proceed further.