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UC4_BUILD_DATE scripting function

  • 1.  UC4_BUILD_DATE scripting function

    Posted Sep 03, 2018 10:53 AM

    I just stumbled across an undocumented script function called UC4_BUILD_DATE that returns the build date of the AE.



    :SET &UC4_Build_Date# = UC4_BUILD_DATE()
    :PRINT "UC4 build date    : &UC4_Build_Date#"



    U00020408 UC4 build date    : 2018-07-11


    This is the same date one sees at the top of the AE server log.

    U00003400 Server 'AE_1#WP' version '' (changelist '1531143975') started.
    U00003327 Build Date: '2018-07-11', '06:17:25'