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  • 1.  Tips for Converting to Automic v12 from Control-M

    Posted Jun 21, 2017 10:39 AM
    My team is about to kick off a conversion from Control-M to Automic v12.
    What tips and/or pieces of advice we should follow as we kick things off?

    Currently we are working with Automic's Professional Services to train the development and support teams as well as converting the scripts for use in our test environment (production will be a separate effort).

    We are looking at doing a job for job conversion so we're also interested in experiences that used this approach.

    Many thanks in advance

  • 2.  Tips for Converting to Automic v12 from Control-M

    Posted Jun 21, 2017 11:50 AM
    We jumped into Automic from another product in 2013 and did a job for job conversion.  We estimated it would take us 1 year, but it took us 2 years.  We ran both systems during those 2 years and devised a simple way for events in one scheduler to trigger events in the other scheduler, thus allowing us to convert small chunks of our operations at a time, and reduce the risks that a big bang would entail.

    The hard part was trying to set up our "best practices" in Automic when no one really knew all of Automics capabilities.  Consequently our best practices evolved during conversion, sometimes causing us to go back and correct earlier implementations.

    Important best practice decisions for us included;

    * Job failure alert systems. 

    * We built a set of utility jobs for common operations and converted all of our processes that had unique code solutions to use these utilities.

    * We had to decide whether to use promptsets or not, and how to use them. (i.e. naming standards for the promptset objects, naming standards for the promptset variables.)   We decided to use them exclusively for all parameter inputs.

    * We set up a folder of environment variables to provide environment specific settings to our promptset variables.  This increases the portability of the solutions across clients.