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Automic version 12.2 version control

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  • 1.  Automic version 12.2 version control

    Posted Jul 26, 2018 06:24 AM

    Hi all,


    Has anyone tried to start using the new Version control released with version 12.2?


    We have started to test this out and come into a few issues, using VSTS as our repository.

    1. When setting up REPOSITORY_SSH_DIR this only seems to work with out error if the key directory is set in both the system and client settings when not using the SSH directory of the installed operating system.
    2. Is there a way to unlink the branch from the initialised version and link to a new branch or refresh this if a branch has been deleted in from the repository? The issues throw an error if the branch no longer exists and has to be recreated before the link will work again. 
    3.  If there is an outstanding a pull request you can not commit until the pull request has been completed this means overwriting the committed changes. The issues is the pull request error on attempt and then the version control become unusable in the client it connected too. Below was the output.The above was a roll back to the initial repository but changes had been made but not committed which caused this error.
    4. The UC_VERSIONCONTROL_EXCLUDE only gets created after the client has been initialised with the repository. It seems when creating new branches any objects in this branch are also been added to the new branch and not been excluded. It would be nice to version control on folder structures or at least exclude entire folder structures from being part of specific branched version.
    5. The merge of branches always pics up all items due to changes in version Id last run time


    I am wondering if anyone has over come any of the above or if these are known issues?


    Below has been used for the most part but not sure if there is more to this documentation. 

    documentation/12.2/AWA Versioning


    Thank you



  • 2.  Re: Automic version 12.2 version control

    Posted Aug 07, 2018 07:00 AM

    I have been playing around with version control and managed to get a client connect to a GiT repository. also using the .gitignore file to stop changes in some folders be reflected into the repository.


    I have also managed to set up a few objects and use wild card * to stop commits and objects and folder containers. By adding these into the new VARA UC_VERSIONCONTROL_EXCLUDE. Using the combination of .gitignore and the vara I have managed to release only what /i want from one client into another in a controlled way.


    I am now looking for a way of being able to stop certain files and folders being pulled down from the repository in to the version controlled client. Is there any way of doing this from Automic?


    Also some of the errors have required me to edit the folder directory to complete the pull request. That was created to correct the issue or create a new pull request from VSTS to complete correctly without error in the next pull from the repository.


    So far the version control work ok for what we need to do. Create a development client and commit changes required in to the repository and then create a pull request into a new branch using VSTS and completing this and then pulling the change down into another Client. This tracks the change and makes controlling changers easier with the options to lock down branches using security setting in the repository. Issue with losing the active branch when a branch has been locked down trying to see if this can be fixed with permissions changes in the repo.


    Thank you




  • 3.  Re: Automic version 12.2 version control

    Posted Aug 08, 2018 09:08 AM


    I am trying to use GIT LAB  with version control, but I cannot get it work.

    When i put  ssh url using ssh://git@servername:group/file.git i get this error when i want to select available branch


    If i want to Create new branch 


    I have tested access to git using user that AE is running on and using GIT Bash and it works just fine if change url to ssh://git@servername/group/file.git but that format set in UC_CLIENT_SETTINGS is not working,

    Since i am getting this 



    I am not very good with GIT and CI/CD topics yet, repository is called client-15 so i am not sure why AE is looking for repo named after OS Path 




  • 4.  Re: Automic version 12.2 version control

    Posted Aug 08, 2018 09:58 AM

    Hi Jerry,


    I have found issues with this setup myself. The SSH URL is set at client level seems to be OK from my side.


    The issues I have had is the the SSH key directory needs to be set in both UC_CLIENT_SETTINGS and UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS for REPOSITORY_SSH_DIR and they need to be the same. 



    You need to make sure the REPOSITORY_SSH_DIR is linked to your private key which can be seen by the Automation engine. This also has to be paired with your public key created in Git. Then you need to GiT clone the URL and check the finger print matches the public finger for you public key in you repository.  Once all paired up you should be able to get a connection through to you GiT repository.


    I have found you need to create a new branch from Automic for the branch to work correctly. We have been using a new Repo for Automic with no other object in there as well.


    It has created a copy of the files in DIR?/Automiation.Platform/Automication/Engine/bin/ae-filesystem/ in this directory there is a file for each client and this is where the location of the file structure and XML are stored between Automic and GiT(had an issue with a unknown file stopping the pull and after removing the file from GiT it was still in this location once delete the pull worked). We use a windows file structure connected to SQL server. 


    You can try Connect to your Git repos with SSH | Microsoft Docs but not sure exactly what your setup is but could still do similar with GiT.Bash i would think.

    So maybe more info here Connecting to GitHub with SSH - User Documentation 




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