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V12.2 Period object not applied to recurring task

  • 1.  V12.2 Period object not applied to recurring task

    Posted Jan 09, 2019 10:35 AM

    In v12.2.0, when I execute an object recurring and attempt to apply a period object, the settings in the period object aren't applied to the recurring task. 



    Right click on object -> Execution Options -> Execute Recurring


    Select period object from drop down. 



    Period object settings aren't reflected in the frequency settings. 


    Period object -   



    Execution recurring settings - 


    In v11, you have the button to load the period object when you execute recurring. After you hit load, the frequency settings change to reflect that of the period object. This button doesn't exist in v12.2.0. 


    When the object is executed, it is executed at the frequency shown in the recurring settings and not what is defined in the period object. 


    Any assistance with this issue would be greatly appreciated!