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OpenJDK support

  • 1.  OpenJDK support

    Posted May 22, 2017 08:07 AM
    The Automic compatibility matrix lists the Java environments supported for various Automic apps. Here are some examples.







    Java environment(s) supported


    Automic Workload Automation


    Automation Engine


    Application Interface


    Oracle Java 1.8


    Automic Workload Automation


     Automic Web Interface




     Oracle Java 1.8

    Automic Workload Automation
    Automation Engine
    Agent RA Core
    Oracle Java 1.7
    Oracle Java 1.8
    Automic Workload Automation
    RA Informatica
    RA Informatica Solution
    Oracle Java 1.6
    Oracle Java 1.7
    Oracle Java 1.8
    OpenJDK is not specifically mentioned. OpenJDK is based on the same code base as Oracle Java, and is the Java environment used in many cloud computing environments such as Cloud Foundry. We are working to enable applications to run in the cloud, and want to ensure that we run the apps in a supported configuration. As more and more customers adopt cloud computing, it will become increasingly important for Automic to support these environments.

    Will Automic commit to support the same versions of OpenJDK as Oracle Java?

  • 2.  OpenJDK support

    Posted May 23, 2017 05:12 AM
    We also run several applications in WebSphere, where IBM Java is the only available JRE. We note that Automic supports IBM Java on AIX. Can Automic also support this Java environment on other platforms such as Linux?

  • 3.  OpenJDK support

    Posted May 29, 2017 06:31 AM

    I submitted two new enhancement requests for this:

  • 4.  Re: OpenJDK support

    Posted Aug 29, 2018 11:30 AM

    Have this discussion with Automic for more than two years. We are using SAP agents which are running with OpenJDK installed with SLES 12.  See it also critical for AWI and other Tomcat applications like RequestTool which depend on JRE. 
    Now with new Oracle license politic for Java there seem to be three options.  (1.) Automic has to license JRE and provide it to customer in the package and do update on regular base (2.) Each customer has to sign expensive commercial JRE license with Oracle or (3.) Compatibility matrix get extended and Open JDK is usable / valid.


    Thank you for opening request.

  • 5.  RE: Re: OpenJDK support

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Sep 02, 2019 09:34 AM
    Edited by Paul Meresanu Sep 02, 2019 09:34 AM
    Hi everyone,

    here are some important data points to consider:

    • The reference for our supported Java 11 version is OpenJDK 11 from
    • We provide full Java 11 Open JDK Support

    –All components (AE, AWI, CDA-Pluging, CDA's Demo App …) run with Java 11

    –All Action Packs that require Java run with Java 8 (Oracle) and Java 11 (OpenJDK)


    –Java 8 (Oracle) is the minimum required version for all components

    –OneInstaller does no longer include a Java runtime

    –Java must be installed upfront

    –Analytics' Flink does not run with Java 11

    –If Event Engine is not needed, Analytics can be configured not requiring Flink or Kafka

    –Action Pack for WebLogic (PCK.AUTOMIC_WEBLOGIC) only tested on Windows with Java 11

    –Actions are executed on a Windows Agent to interact with a WebLogic instance running on Oracle Solaris

    Kind Regards,

    Product Line Manager  | Continuous Delivery Automation & Release Automation

    Enterprise Software Division

    office: +43 (0) 570 810 1124  | mobile: +43 (0) 664 120 3179
    Am Europlatz 5  | Vienna, Austria, 1120   |

  • 6.  RE: Re: OpenJDK support

    Posted Sep 03, 2019 03:07 AM

    Hello Paul,

    I missed the AE Version in your last message.

    As far as I know AE 12.3 is supporting Oracle JRE 8 as in the past and in addition OpenJDK 11.
    For all versions before 12.3, Oracle JRE is still a must.
    But this not the whole truth. When I look into compatibility Matrix, then OpenJDK is restricted to Distributor AdoptOpenJDK.
    From AdoptOpenJDK there are two Java Paths (1.)Hot Spot (Oracle) and (2.) J9 (IBM)

    Will be both supported (Oracle, IBM)?
    In the past IBM JRE was not supported.

    Is only JRE from AdoptOpenJDK supported?

    From AdoptOpenJDK there is also OpenJDK 8 Hot Spot availaible which seem to be Oracle 8 JDK OpenSource.
    Direct from Oracle there is no free JRE8 that can be used in Commercial Environment without paying for license.

    If we use AdoptOpenJDK 8 HotSpot with AE 12.0 do we get Support or will every ticket declined?
    AWI 12.0 is not runing with Java 11.


    Service Manager JobManagement

  • 7.  RE: Re: OpenJDK support

    Posted Sep 04, 2019 03:51 AM
    Hi Joachim,

    according to the compatibility matrix, AE V12.3 only supports Open JDK Java 11. Paul has already mentioned the exceptions.

    Best regards

    Automation Evangelist
    Fiducia & GAD IT AG
    Mitglied des deutschsprachigen Automic-Anwendervereins FOKUS e.V.
    Member of the German speaking Automic user association FOKUS e.V.

  • 8.  RE: Re: OpenJDK support

    Posted Sep 04, 2019 05:44 AM

    Hello Tim,

    the Problem is, that Compatibility Matrix is changing over time.
    When Version 12.3 get released the Information was that Oracle JRE 8 and OpenJDK 11 is supported.
    This is same Information we got 2 days before from Paul.
    In current Version of compatibility Matrix, I agree, only OpenJDK 11 is supported.

    For Installation in Data Center I depend on some lead time.
    I am checking dependencies, then try to clarify it with Software vendor and then plan implementation.

    For AE 12.3 there is now a Change in compatibility Matrix without notification and time of last Change.

    The Information is different to Information given from Paul two days ago.

    His remark was that "Java 8 (Oracle) is the minimum required version for all components".
    What is now valid?

    What does Java 8 (Oracle) mean?
    In the past commercial use of Java 8 Oracle without license cost was possible.
    From AdoptOpenJDK there is Java 8 available, which is using JVM HotSpot.
    In TomCat WebApplication Information about this Java runtime is " (OpenJDK Runtime Environment).".

    In my understanding AdoptOpenJDK 8 Hotspot is Java 8 (Oracle) only with different license.

    Also Oracle is offering JRE 8 with GNU General Public License Version 2 and Oracle Binary Code License (see,
    both with with equal binary.

    What OpenJDK JVM is supported?
    In the past Oracle Java was supported, IBM Java not.
    With OpenJDK, at least for AdoptOpenJDK, there are two JVM. HotSpot (Oracle) and OpenJ9 (IBM)

    So the final question are, is Oracle Java 8 still supported and is AdoptOpenJDK 8 Hotspot the same as Oracle Java 8 und will it be supported.

    With Information from initial compatibility matrix, we migrated and run one Test Environment  to 12.3 with JDK 8 and have no issues so far.


    Service Manager JobManagement

  • 9.  RE: Re: OpenJDK support

    Posted Sep 04, 2019 08:49 AM
    We are also currently planning to update our fourteen Automic environments from V11.2 to V12.3. For this reason the topic of Java/OpenJDK support in V12.3 is very important for us. And yes, the information from Automic on this topic has partly contradicted each other in the last months (AWI working group, FOKUS conference, documentation,...).

    I suspect Paul's note "Java 8 (Oracle) is the minimum required version for all components" is true BUT Java 8 is not officially supported.

    In our company there is a desire to replace Oracle Java. Ideas go towards RedHat Java because we have support through RedHat. However, since AdoptOpenJDK is the reference implementation of Automic, I personally prefer this one. However, we haven't tested AdoptOpenJDK yet. In our test systems we currently also use JRE8 without any problems.

    Like Joachim, I would also be interested in a statement from Automic about the JVM in AdoptOpenJDK: Are both HotSpot and OpenJ9 JVM supported?

    Best regards

    Automation Evangelist
    Fiducia & GAD IT AG
    Mitglied des deutschsprachigen Automic-Anwendervereins FOKUS e.V.
    Member of the German speaking Automic user association FOKUS e.V.

  • 10.  RE: Re: OpenJDK support

    Posted Oct 08, 2019 07:58 AM
    Dear Broadcom Community & Product Management,

    I did a 12.3. Setup with OpenJDK 11 (Hotspot) hosted on Windows. AWI with tomcat 9.

    openjdk version "11.0.4" 2019-07-16
    OpenJDK Runtime Environment AdoptOpenJDK (build 11.0.4+11)
    OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM AdoptOpenJDK (build 11.0.4+11, mixed mode)

    Everything seems to work fine till now, but now an issue turns up regarding the webservices agent. I am trying to setup a connection object, and get an exception when i try to save it. In the compatibility matrix i can see only Oracle java supported for the web services agent. Can you let me know if it will be possible to use openJDK as well, as my customer does not like to purchase Oracle license only for the web service agent.

    many thanks
    Roman Embacher

  • 11.  RE: Re: OpenJDK support

    Posted Oct 08, 2019 08:00 AM

    > Can you let me know if it will be possible to use openJDK as well

    Yes. Automic claims OpenJDK from the adoptopenjdk initiative is fully supported with all components in 12.3.

    If something does not work with it, it should be treated as a bug.