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  • 1.  Any known issues Upgrading v10 to v12

    Posted Apr 26, 2017 12:18 PM
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm planning on upgrading our v10 AE & agents to v12 in the near future. Does anyone know if there are any special considerations when jumping 2 versions? Also, does anyone know if the v12 AE still works with the v10 Java UI? It would be great for me if I could upgrade the AE in our test environment without breaking anyone connecting to it with the v10 UI.


  • 2.  Any known issues Upgrading v10 to v12

    Posted Apr 27, 2017 02:49 AM
    Unfortunately the V12 AE does not work with the V10 UserInterface, there have been major changes and add ins within Version 11 and Version 12 the Version 10 UserInterface cant keep up with, but as an separate download (note, its not contained within the Version 12 package but a stand alone download) you can also download the Java GUI for Version 12, but keep in mind that this is only a Backup, in Version 12 the major Userinterface is our Webinterface (AWI)

    If you do have a recent Version 10 on your Automation Engine (10.0.7 or higher) you can use the Upgrade Checker tool which is a goodie (non supported) to be gathered in our forum, Josef Scharl posted it here:

    To see possibly pitfalls during your update, you can use also our release notes list here:

    Hope i could be of assistance.

  • 3.  Any known issues Upgrading v10 to v12

    Posted Apr 27, 2017 12:06 PM
    Thanks, this information is very helpful to me. 

  • 4.  Any known issues Upgrading v10 to v12

    Posted Apr 27, 2017 09:21 PM
    We upgraded one our our systems from V10 to V12,  four months back.  Not much of an issue Technically.
    But we have to enable the Users for AWI usage instead of the User Interface.
    Also we are waiting for V12.1 to upgrade our other Systems.

  • 5.  Any known issues Upgrading v10 to v12

    Posted Apr 28, 2017 10:10 AM
    Thanks for your reply. Based on the upgrade checker script and your response, I believe we shouldn't have any issues upgrading. This will definitely be much easier then when we moved from v8 to v10!

  • 6.  Any known issues Upgrading v10 to v12

    Posted May 01, 2017 12:59 PM
    From a application perspective, most customers found the upgrade from 8 to above introduced the most differences - from that point on, it's a much simpler process. :)

  • 7.  Any known issues Upgrading v10 to v12

    Posted May 02, 2017 10:38 AM
    Just a few considerations on this, based on my support experience: a few changes have been introduced, between those 2 versions, and here are some of the pain points that were sort of recurring.

    1 - The User Interface is no longer the official GUI in v12.

    Its replacement is the Automic Web Interface. The UI is still available but misses the new features introduced in v12.

    2 - The DB schema was modified:
    • MQ tables have been doubled since v11.2 to allow the Zero Downtime Upgrade.
    • some fields content is no longer of  "varchar" type, but was changed to "BLOB"
    You may want to check statements contained in our SQLI and SEC_SQLI variables if you are using any, to avoid running into issues.

    3 - Message length was extended by one character.

    Not necessarily a big issue, but if you are using script functions like PREP_PROCESS_REPORT and STR_CAT to look for messages in reports, results will be offset by one character.

    Of course this is not an extensive list, just a few things you may want to check.

    Otherwise, like my colleague Harald_Heidinger_152 mentioned, we suggest to use the following tools:

    - Release Notes : will allow you to get a list of changes, added features and bug fixes between 2 given versions.
    - Compatibility Matrix : allows you to verify if your OS and applications are compatible with our software.

    Best regards,

  • 8.  Any known issues Upgrading v10 to v12

    Posted May 02, 2017 10:43 AM
    Hi Darren_Sniezak_40 yes you are right, if we act out the Java UI switch to the AWI (WebInterface) the upgrade process to Version 12 is like a joyride :)

    Antoine_Sauteron Thanks for the more complete list of considerations of the update, However the doubled MQ Tables are also available in Version 11.2 since zero downtime update also worked there already, but you are right, it was improved in Version 12, including also Agents, and with Version 12.1 also the Servicemanager can be updated "on the fly". More things to come in Version 12.1, stay tuned!