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UC4 RB Functions (runbook templates)

  • 1.  UC4 RB Functions (runbook templates)

    Posted Jan 23, 2014 08:32 AM

    Hi all,

    I recently "discovered" the RB functions and thought I would share. These functions were - I think - hidden rather deep in the help files and in the DB\ folder of the installation as a package by the name of"UC4_RB_Functions1.0.txt".  

    The Jobs provide a lot of common file and OS checks and operations - copy file, create folder, monitor service, start/stop service, ... - that I was scripting in PowerShell.  The templates are for both Unix and Windows and  provide good samples of simple, pluggable jobs with the platform agent.

    The .txt file can be loaded by the ucybdbldg.exe or ucybdbld.exe utilities. I found these Jobs quite helpful and wished I had found them a bit earlier :-)