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CA Agile Requirements Designer 2.1 is now GA!

  • 1.  CA Agile Requirements Designer 2.1 is now GA!

    Posted Sep 01, 2016 04:25 AM

    Hi all,


    You can now upgrade to the latest version of CA Agile Requirements Designer - version 2.1.  This release builds on the functionality and enhancements which went into version 2.0, while also introducing a new ACE Editor and making several usability enhancements. You can read a summary of the enhancements here, including:

    • The ACE Editor, which is now used wherever test automation code is displayed or edited, providing full syntax highlighting for over 30 languages.  
    • The updated VISIO Connector, which now includes flowchart co-ordinates in imports and exports, meaning that the lay-out of the flow is maintained.
    • The object repository, which has been generalized, so that test automation objects and actions for any scripting language with a corresponding configuration file can be dragged-and-dropped from the connector dock.
    • General loop control, which enables the loop insertion rate to be set for every loop in a flow at the same time.
    • Flow compression when saving to the repository, to ensure greater performance and reliability when saving your flows.


    You can download the software from the CA Support site


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