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CA Agile Requirements Designer 2.2 is now GA!

  • 1.  CA Agile Requirements Designer 2.2 is now GA!

    Posted Oct 13, 2016 07:05 AM

    Hi all,


    We are pleased to announce the release of version 2.2 of CA Agile Requirements Designer. This version builds on version 2.1, while also introducing a new HPE ALM integration, enhanced automation functionality, and more. Download the PDF summary to find about:

    • The revamped HPE ALM integration, which has been enhanced with higher performance, greater flexibility when importing and exporting, and call to test functionality.
    • Automation mapping, where the actions of an automation configuration can be mapped to a given block attribute. Code completion will then prompt you on available actions when filling out the block attribute, with these actions automatically mirrored in the block’s automation.
    • Subflow configuration for automation, so that the configuration of a given subflow will be accounted for when creating automated tests or RR Pairs. This is especially useful for re-usability.
    • The new XML and JSON importer, which significantly accelerates the RR Pair generation process by parameterizing the imported file and supporting the creation of a flow and configuration file.
    • The subflow mapping accelerator, designed for easier specification of subflow terminals.


    Sign up for the live ARD community webcast on the 18th of October for a demonstration of the new features, and join in a live Q&A with the developers


    To download version 2.2 of CA Agile Requirements Designer, please visit and sign in. Then, navigate to the Download Center and select Download Products. You will then be able to search for CA Agile Requirements Designer. If you have any issues, please raise a support ticket by visiting or calling 1-800-225-5224.