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NEW! Integrations with CA BlazeMeter (Taurus) and CA Application Test

  • 1.  NEW! Integrations with CA BlazeMeter (Taurus) and CA Application Test

    Posted Jul 03, 2017 01:19 PM

    We've announced two more integration features - CA BlazeMeter (Taurus), an open source automation tool, which improves the experience of CA BlazeMeter JMeter, Selenium and others, and CA Application Test.


    Through the Taurus integration CA Agile Requirements Designer now supports CA's open source strategy.  This integration feature supports developers to run Taurus locally, provides them with the ability to model, create and then execute performance tests and also run tests against BlazeMeter in the cloud. This shifts testing left as users can now model the system and then export the test cases and related automation scripts with a wrapper which means they can be executed using Taurus. 


    The integration with CA Application Test, is now a full feature (previously in beta) and users can import an existing test from CA Application Test, populate it with rich test data and export it ready for execution. You can create CA Application Test test files from CA Agile Requirements Designer by providing CA Agile Requirements Designer with a ‘template’ flow that you have created in CA Application Test.


    To find out more about the latest release: CA Agile Requirements Designer v2.5.5.

    To download the latest version go to the: CA Support site