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CA Agile Requirements Designer 2.3 is now GA!

  • 1.  CA Agile Requirements Designer 2.3 is now GA!

    Posted Dec 15, 2016 09:25 AM
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    We are pleased to announce the release of version 2.3 of CA Agile Requirements Designer! This version builds upon version 2.2, and introduces a new CA Service Virtualization integration, extended native test data capabilities, and easier connectivity with integrated tools. Download the attached summary to find about:

    • The new integration with CA Service Virtualization, where a new virtual service can be triggered and populated with rich Request Response Pairs from within CA Agile Requirements Designer.
    • In-built data pool editing and creation, for a greater degree of bi-connectivity with CA Test Data Manager.
    • Test automation updates, including dedicated Eggplant support and changes to the licensing.
    • Ease of connectivity with supported tools, from an updated connector dock, to easier configuration and a wider range of supported export types.
    • Resolvable path names, making it easier to bulk name tests based upon the test data stored in the given paths
    • Global editing of subflow optimization, to more quickly and easily set the optimization technique which will be used to generate paths through subflows in a master flow.


    To download version 2.3 of CA Agile Requirements Designer, please visit and sign in. Then, navigate to the Download Center and select Download Products. You will then be able to search for CA Agile Requirements Designer. If you have any issues, please raise a support ticket by visiting or calling 1-800-225-5224.