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SNMPC - Onboarding of a Lot of devices and interfaces

  • 1.  SNMPC - Onboarding of a Lot of devices and interfaces

    Posted Mar 07, 2019 12:56 PM

    Hello CA Guys,


    We have a doubt about SNMPC probe (again)


    We need to monitor about 2000 devices of network and 6000 interfaces.; We might to use SNMPC probe;

    Then, We will create a template for each site from customer, for example


    Template Router Switch Site 001 - 20 devices;

    Template Router Switch Site 002 - 35 devices;

    so on....


    I have a doubt, what is the best way to create a filter for interfaces ? It is not a good option use the ''Component User Defined Property'' on each interface that will be monitored, because this procedure will take a lot of time. (suggested by ca via: How to exclude some interfaces from monitoring tem - CA Knowledge )


    And we also think that it is not a good option create a regex generalistic, because we will capture a lot of interface that is not necessary to add on monitor, like interface-access from switches, for example;. 


    Someone have any idea about a way to solve this problem of filters ? 


    I am missing interface_traffic probe so much.