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  • 1.  Failed to retrieve information of Robot at controller

    Posted May 01, 2019 07:02 AM



    We are trying to deploy CA UIM robots on Azure servers in our environment.


    We are installing the same way how we do it on other servers from our primary Hub server.


    But we are getting error as "unable to reach controller" in IM and "failed to retrieve information of Robot at controller".


    Also we have checked the below mention traffic details. Even the telnet is working between the Azure server and Azure Hub.


    For UIM to work as expected we need the following Firewall rules enabled on all systems running a UIM robot.

    1. Allow INBOUND TCP 48000 to 48099


    Additionally on all robots that are also running hubs allow:

    2. Allow OUTBOUND TCP 48000 to 48003 
    3. Allow OUTBOUND UDP 48000 to 48003 
    4. Allow INBOUND UDP 48000 to 48003


    Please let us know is there any other steps we need to check.




  • 2.  Re: Failed to retrieve information of Robot at controller

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted May 01, 2019 09:40 AM

    is the primary in the same Azure area?

    if not I would expect you to need a hub in the location with the robots and a tunnel back to the primary.