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  • 1.  ASR920 Netflow with dpidx

    Posted Nov 02, 2018 07:11 AM

    The ASR920 sends the dpidx instead of the SNMP ifindex worth. That results in the consequence, that that one questioned on a mapping of the values over SNMP will not agree with the NwtFlo data. Is there already a possibility as one can do a mapping here so that the NetFlow data can be assigned to the correct interface?
    Thanks for those ones info.

  • 2.  Re: ASR920 Netflow with dpidx

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Feb 11, 2019 10:35 AM

    Did you ever get any information on this?


    From the NFA side, we expect that the index for the interface in Netflow to match up with what is returned for ifindex when SNMP polling.  We do not have any setting in NFA to adjust for a device that is not sending ifindex in Netflow data. 

  • 3.  Re: ASR920 Netflow with dpidx

    Posted Feb 12, 2019 01:54 AM

    So correct not. I opened indeed a Case, that one did not get me further, however. :-(
    We got of Cisco command, which allows us a mapping. We overwrite now the interface description in the NFA and removed all reports in the CAPC for NetFlow.

  • 4.  Re: ASR920 Netflow with dpidx

    Posted Apr 09, 2019 01:56 AM

    Could you please provide the details on how you have done the mapping with the ASR920 device?

  • 5.  Re: ASR920 Netflow with dpidx

    Posted Apr 09, 2019 02:14 AM

    Unfortunately, mapping between the NFA and the Data Aggregator is not possible because overriding the SNMP index is not supported and advises CA to override the database. For this reason, I have removed all reports directly accessing the interface from the CAPC. This means that only a report can be made directly in the NFA.
    Under the administration in the NFA we simply corrected the interface description. Which dpidx value belongs to which SNMP index can be queried on the router.