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I Am Trying to See if I Can add 3 Metrics to the Network Interface Summary Dashbord

  • 1.  I Am Trying to See if I Can add 3 Metrics to the Network Interface Summary Dashbord

    Posted Feb 05, 2019 05:00 AM

    I have been working with this dashbord and there are 3 metrics that I can’t get with our Cisco switches.


    they are the Old-Cisco-Interfaces MIBs specifically on Cisco 3850,2950,2960 switches to use on our interface dashboards.






    i have the OIDS and the MIB file I am trying to get These into either the SNMPCollector or the SNMPGet probe and use them in this SQL Query so that those metrics could be added to the Interface Network Summary dashbord.


    any chance someone has done anything like this or could help me out at all?

  • 2.  Re: I Am Trying to See if I Can add 3 Metrics to the Network Interface Summary Dashbord

    Posted Feb 05, 2019 05:03 AM
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    Here is the query for the dashboard itself:


    select i.interface, i.interface_oprstatus, gg.bytes_in / 1024 as bytes_in, i.utilization_out, gg.bytes_out / 1024 as bytes_out, i.errors_in, i.errors_out, j.discards_in, j.discards_out from
    (select g.interface, g.interface_oprstatus, g.utilization_out, h.errors_in, h.errors_out from
     (select a.interface, a.interface_oprstatus, b.utilization_out from
     (select z.target as interface, y.samplevalue as interface_oprstatus,
     (case when y.samplevalue = '1' then 'Up'
        when y.samplevalue = '2' then 'Down'
        end) as VALUE
     from s_Qos_data z
     join s_qos_snapshot y
     on z.table_id = y.table_id

     (select x.target as interface, w.samplevalue as utilization_out from s_Qos_data x
     join s_qos_snapshot w
     on x.table_id = w.table_id
     where x.source = 'ALL-3850.erieinsurance.com' and x.qos = 'qos_interface_utilizationout') b
     on a.interface=b.interface ) g


     (select c.interface, c.errors_in, d.errors_out from
     (select v.target as interface, u.samplevalue as errors_in from s_Qos_data v
     join s_qos_snapshot u
     on v.table_id = u.table_id
     where v.source = 'device.erieinsurance.com' and v.qos = 'qos_interface_pcterrorsin') c


     (select t.target as interface, s.samplevalue as errors_out from s_Qos_data t
     join s_qos_snapshot s
     on t.table_id = s.table_id
     where t.source = 'device.erieinsurance.com' and t.qos = 'qos_interface_pcterrorsout') d
     on c.interface=d.interface) h

    on g.interface=h.interface) i


     (select e.interface, e.discards_in, f.discards_out from
     (select p.target as interface, o.samplevalue as discards_in from s_Qos_data p
     join s_qos_snapshot o
     on o.table_id = p.table_id
     where p.source = 'device.erieinsurance.com' and p.qos = 'qos_interface_pctdiscardsin') e


     (select n.target as interface, m.samplevalue as discards_out from s_Qos_data n
     join s_qos_snapshot m
     on n.table_id = m.table_id
     where n.source = 'device.erieinsurance.com' and n.qos = 'qos_interface_pctdiscardsout') f
     on e.interface=f.interface) j

    on i.interface=j.interface


     (select cc.interface, cc.bytes_in, ff.bytes_out from
     (select aa.target as interface, bb.samplevalue as bytes_in from s_Qos_data aa
     join s_qos_snapshot bb
     on bb.table_id = aa.table_id
     where aa.source = 'device.erieinsurance.com' and aa.qos = 'qos_interface_bitsin') cc


     (select dd.target as interface, ee.samplevalue as bytes_out from s_Qos_data dd
     join s_qos_snapshot ee
     on dd.table_id = ee.table_id
     where dd.source = 'device.erieinsurance.com' and dd.qos = 'qos_interface_bitsout') ff
     on ff.interface=cc.interface) gg

    on j.interface=gg.interface