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  • 1.  CA UIM SaaS vmware

    Posted Oct 22, 2018 06:42 AM

    Hi All Experts,


    We are using CA UIM SaaS!!


    We had some query regarding how we will change monitoring host ??



    We deployed a robot on vcentre server, using Setup Wizard>vmware, robot deployment was successful and creates a profile for the same, but somehow vmware probe is showing running on relay hub instead of the robot which we have deployed through setup wizard.


    Currently we have vmware probe running on relay hub robot, and fetching metrics from vcentre.


    Is it possible to make a change?


    1. vmware probe will be visible on that robot which we deployed earlier, instead of relay hub robot.
    2. or what we will do with the vmware probe running on relay hub robot, which is currently fetching data from that vcentre server ??