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  • 1.  Mvel snmpGet and snmpGetTable in self certification

    Posted Oct 05, 2018 08:08 AM

    recently I came across strange Mvel snmpGet results. I dont know if Idoing everything alright or there is something I miss.

    If someone could confirm a bug or point my mistake please do so.

    Problematic code part is here:


    var oid_ap_mac          = ""+bsnAPDot3MacAddress.toString();

                                                     ap_mac_response         = snmpGet(oid_ap_mac);

                                                     ap_mac_instance          = ap_mac_response.getResult();

                                                     ap_mac_value               = ap_mac_instance.getValue();



    and the output in karaf log is:


    42 | 185 - com.ca.im.data-mgmt.common - 3.6.0.RELEASE-283 |  | MVEL info: ap_mac_value==,>ϊ�@   ap_mac_instance==SNMPResponseObject [value=,>ϊ�@, type=OCTET_STRING, index=null] 


    Note not printable characters above.

    First I though there is a problem with agent on a device BUT:

      - DCDEBUG search :


    uest [Initial Q position: 0 / Delay: 0 ms], Q Size: 0: GET[requestID=301768627, errorStatus=Success(0), errorIndex=50, VBS[ = Null]]

    Oct 05 06:06:27.472: Received SNMP response [Resp Time: 37 ms / Trans Time: 37 ms] evResponse:RESPONSE[requestID=301768627, errorStatus=Success(0), errorIndex=0, VBS[ = c0:25:5c:df:43:60]] evReque


    - SNMPwalk also is readable format:


    SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.14179. = Hex-STRING: 1C DE A7 EF F6 80


    And now best part. When I do snmpGetTable I get this in karaf log



    SNMPGET TABLE RESULT[SNMPResponseObject [value=, type=OCTET_STRING, index=],

    SNMPResponseObject [value=, type=OCTET_STRING, index=]

    SNMPResponseObject [value=, type=OCTET_STRING, index=],

    SNMPResponseObject [value=, type=OCTET_STRING, index=],

    SNMPResponseObject [value=, type=OCTET_STRING, index=28.222.167. 239.244.224],


    so this one looks alright. How come? Any ideas?

    what do I miss here?

  • 2.  Re: Mvel snmpGet and snmpGetTable in self certification

    Posted Oct 05, 2018 08:22 AM

    You're missing presenting relevant information for your question: what is it what you're trying to do? what's the table? what's the index? what's the VC? what's the MF?