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  • 1.  Use wasp/rest to create alarm and add qos(time)

    Posted May 26, 2017 12:54 PM

    I will be feeding data from a custom remote system to UIM - I want to use wasp/rest to pass in alarms  along with qos data.


    I found the docs for the api here and I can see how to create an alarm:


    Origin Calls - CA Unified Infrastructure Management Probes - CA Technologies Documentation 


    I can also see that I can add custom properties to add details about the alarm: error message, stack trace, etc.


    What I can't find is how I would...

    1) add Qos data (the timing from the remote check) - would want to be able to graph results from this check in UMP.

    2) how to I process this data on the UIM / UMP side.. would I need to write a custom probe to receive the Qos data..? If not , where/how do I collect that.


    ....First time poster and newbie to UIM




  • 2.  Re: Use wasp/rest to create alarm and add qos(time)
    Best Answer

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted May 30, 2017 12:54 PM

    HI Gary,


    If you will dealing with high volumes of alarms I would not suggest the rest API be used

    as each alarm has to have an authentication connection made and this can quickly exhaust connections to the UMP.

    If you have to do alarms and QOS I would suggest using a custom probe and the Java sdk to create a custom probe to

    make sure you do not run into limitations.


    Also the rest API can READ QOS information from the database but does not currently have a exposed method for inserting QOS so you will end up using a custom probe.

  • 3.  Re: Use wasp/rest to create alarm and add qos(time)

    Posted May 30, 2017 02:43 PM

    Thanks Howard..  as I would rather go down the correct path the first time.