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  • 1.  UIM: Develop GUI for UIM probe

    Posted Apr 28, 2018 02:08 PM

    Hello everyone,
    We are developing a probe for UIM. But we want to know how to develop a GUI to configure it through IM

  • 2.  Re: UIM: Develop GUI for UIM probe

    Posted May 01, 2018 06:26 PM



    There is no process or anything documented to build GUI (only Support/Engineering will be capable to answer i think). But IM is deprecated.


    There is way to build GUI for the web one (but it was so complicated than i gave up). I already asked many times for a way to build extension and thing like that for probes (With webcomponent for example).


    Hope to see more openness around the subject in the future !


    Best Regards,


  • 3.  Re: UIM: Develop GUI for UIM probe
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    Posted May 03, 2018 11:38 AM



    the earlier version of the IM GUI is based on Visual Basic 5.0, and there were examples of this. I created a Custom Probe GUI with it in 2014.


    With newer probes, to my knowledge, a JAVA framework was used. For which I have unfortunately not found any examples and documentation.


    A GUI in the Web Admin Console is neither well described nor very practicable (as Thomas also wrote). Here I would also like to see simpler implementation and open communication on the part of CAs.


    Best regards,