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  • 1.  Azure Data Factories monitoring in UIM

    Posted Nov 09, 2017 06:34 AM

    We need to monitor Azure Data factories in UIM, i also found a probe of AZURE but not sure about its capabilities of Azure Data factories monitoring.


    Can we monitor Azure Data Factory logs and if there is any failure in ADF then an alert should be generated.


    Please someone help who has idea about this probe and how it works, also want to know that what are the prerequisites to access ADF from probe as i read in documentation that we can use this probe as a remote monitoring HUB.



    Manish Sharma

  • 2.  Re: Azure Data Factories monitoring in UIM
    Best Answer

    Posted Nov 09, 2017 08:12 AM



    Here is all the Supported Metrics that you can monitor by Azure:


    azure Metrics - CA Unified Infrastructure Management Probes - CA Technologies Documentation 


    This thread can help you a little:


    Experiencing Issue in configuring Azure probe 


    Probably you will receive some more inputs here about all you need, IF NOT, I would recommend you to open a CA Support Ticket for further info!