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Core and Tunnel Hub Capacity Planning

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  • 1.  Core and Tunnel Hub Capacity Planning

    Posted Aug 03, 2017 09:07 AM



    Let me whether we need huge system resource on Core/Central/Primary hub were nothing is monitored but this hub will receive data(Alarm and QoS traffic) from 5 tunnel servers and send that to DB servers and to event management Tool. Each tunnel servers are getting data from 6-7 client hubs. So I want to know what should be the ideal H/W configuration of these Tunnel Hub servers and Primary Hub server and also what should be the ideal network bandwidth between Client hub server to Tunnel hub and between Tunnel Hub and Primary Hub.


    it will be helpful if someone helps me to know, "what amount of data will be sent by robots per min when basic monitoring is configured and what amount of data sent when application monitoring is configured"


    what is the maximum amount of data can a tunnel/Primary hub server can receive and  process it without any issue?

  • 2.  Re: Core and Tunnel Hub Capacity Planning
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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Aug 03, 2017 10:17 AM



    I think it will be very hard for any one in the communities to answer this for you.

    Below are some of the reasons why

    1) this depends on how many devices are being monitored

    2) how often each qos is being monitored

    3) how many alarms are being generated and how often

    4) the underlying hardware especially disk IO for the secondary hubs and primary

    5) the network bandwidth between locations.

    ( generally speaking links between hubs that are under 1MBS will usually be an issue on busy networks if they are dediated

    if they are not dedicated then this would nee to be much higher in most cases)

    ( high latency network connections will cause you issues as well as if you connections are using a vpn layer)


    I would suggest engaging your pre-sales engineer as they do have some excel spread sheets that can help you plug in

    the information above to figure out the bandwidth and database needs based on what you are doing in your environment.


    I do not currently have copies but if some one else has them maybe they can attach them for you.