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  • 1.  USM fail to load

    Posted Nov 14, 2017 05:13 AM

    When trying to access USM in UMP, the USM page fails to load and throws the following message:
    ERROR [PortalInitAction:111] (1) error, java.lang.RuntimeException: (120) Callback error, Received status (120) on response (for sendRcv) for cmd = 'dispatcher'


    This use to occur on UIM 8.5.1 and even on 8.5.1 SP1 because of a possible conflict between the ump_usm package and trellis and/or ems probes.


    Please follow the steps below as a possible solution:

    - deactivate the wasp probe
    - deactivate trellis and ems probes
    - delete trellis and ems probes in IM
    - go to the filesystem on the primary hub and actually delete the entire probe directories for trellis (\Nimsoft\probes\service\trellis) and ems (\Nimsoft\probes\service\ems)
    - redeploy in this order from the local Archive: 'ump_usm', 'trellis', 'ems', 'nas-api-service' packages
    - activate wasp
    - clear browser cache "from beginning of time"
    - check again 


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  • 2.  Re: USM fail to load

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Nov 14, 2017 11:39 AM

    Have you tried deleting ems probe and deleting folder from filesystem before redeploying ems probe?

  • 3.  Re: USM fail to load

    Posted Nov 15, 2017 07:49 AM

    Yes, this is what is all about: making sure the specific directory is also removed from the filesystem. Altough you can mark 'Delete Permanently (remove files from disk) when you delete the probe from IM it looks like the directory is not completely removed.