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  • 1.  Disk alert behaviour

    Posted May 23, 2017 01:31 AM
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    Is it normal behavior for disk alerts to reset when a server is rebooted - so the alarm count goes back to 1 and the Alarm ID is new? I notice with other CDM metrics that they don't reset . I have attached an image after I have deactivated and reactivated the cdm probe which shows this. This is causing issues with our integration with Spectrum. We are running UIM 8.5.1 CDM (multiple versions) Spectrum 10.2.1

  • 2.  Re: Disk alert behaviour
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    Posted May 23, 2017 02:42 AM

    You are right , that seems to be the behaviour with the new version of cdm probe for disk alerts , I tested on a older version (5.42) and it does not seem to be resetting the Alarm ID.


    It could be a bug in the new release , open up a ticket with CA Support