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Using Accounts - Devices and Alarms Issue

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  • 1.  Using Accounts - Devices and Alarms Issue

    Posted 06-29-2017 02:54 PM

    8.5.1 sp1

    I have a group with an assigned account.  When a local test account or a LDAP user logs in and they look at the devices in that group, all devices show a green circle with a check mark.  Alarms tab shows nothing, which rightfully so if in theory there were no alarms when all is green.


    The problem is just about every one of those devices has some sort of alarm.  I as the administrator can see them properly but the test account and a LDAP user cannot.  I even gave the test account/ldap users all permissions in the ACL configuration, still all devices for them are green.


    I thought upgrading to SP1 today would by chance fix this but the problem still exists.


    Is there a known issue when using accounts against groups?




  • 2.  Re: Using Accounts - Devices and Alarms Issue
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    Posted 06-29-2017 03:24 PM

    If the ldap group is tied to an account then the problem is probably origins.

    Check the origins assigned to the account and check the origins on the alarms to make sure they match,

  • 3.  Re: Using Accounts - Devices and Alarms Issue

    Posted 07-03-2017 10:42 AM

    Hello Dureya, is your question answered or do you have additional once ?


    Kind regards,

    Britta Hoffner

    CA Support

  • 4.  Re: Using Accounts - Devices and Alarms Issue

    Posted 09-04-2017 04:13 AM



    I have the same issue,

    After adding several alarm filters to the acl the user stop seeing alarms at all.

    removing the filters resttores the alarms.

    Sometimes a very simple filter does work, but I could not see any recognize behavior.


    I'm tring to instal all latest hotfixes, but I not optimistic as there is no mention to this problem ni the change logs