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  • 1.  Alarm enrichment

    Posted Sep 14, 2016 04:04 AM
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    Would like your help on how to enrich alarm coming from websphere_mq probe.

    The alarm is on an mq channel, and it is showing the status code of the channel.


    I would like to replace that code with a text or add the text to one of the custom fields.

    The alarm look like this: 

    QOS_CHANNEL_CHANNEL_STATUS = 5.0 from source tsttux2.test.tase.co.il targeting MQ.TEST.REZEF.BOFFICE/TO.BOFFICE.2270 has crossed the critical static threshold of !=3.0


    and would like to replace the 5.0 value with a text (for example: "retrying")


    I am trying to do this with the alarm_enrichment.

    i tried doing it with a script, and it worked ,but it causing me some problems with the soi intgration because the alarm is created with the code and then being changed and this is not so good...  so i thought using the alarm enrichment but it is not going so well...


    attaching a screen shot from dr. nimbus with the detailed of the alarm.


    any help will be greatly appreciated !!.


    Thank you, 


  • 2.  Re: Alarm enrichment

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Sep 14, 2016 07:21 AM

    Hello Amit, so just for my understanding you say the Alarm is pubished into SOI before it gets enriched in UIM ? Can you please attach a screenshot of the Alert in SOI itself ?



    Britta Hoffner

  • 3.  Re: Alarm enrichment

    Posted Sep 14, 2016 08:03 AM

    Hi Britta, 

    When i used the lua script to update the alarm, then the alarm is created in UIM and the connector sends it to SOI.

    meanwhile, the script runs in UIM and update the alarms which causes the alarm to update is SOI.


    Up to here everything is good.... BUT, when the alarm first arrived to SOI, it also triggered the escalation action which sends it by mail or sms, so it got sent before it was updated....


    it all happens very quickly, so a screenshot is hard to make...

  • 4.  Re: Alarm enrichment

    Posted Sep 14, 2016 08:22 AM

    Hello again, 


    I solved half the problem.... 

    First, I created a table in the DB that contain the codes and the text...


    then i added this into the alarm enrichment in the nas.cfg:

          active = true
          connection_url = jdbc:sqlserver://;DatabaseName=CA_UIM
          user = uimadmin
          password = IwkkWLy97XykOxygVqH8IA==_encrypted
          query = select ibmMqCodingScheme,channelStatus from Shob_MqChannelCodes where ibmMqCodingScheme =       CAST(? AS DECIMAL(10, 0))
          population_query = select ibmMqCodingScheme,channelStatus from Shob_MqChannelCodes
    exclusive_enrichment = no


       match_alarm_field = prid  
       match_alarm_regexp = (websphere_mq)
       use_enricher = mqCode
       lookup_by_alarm_field = udata.values.value
       lookup_by_regexp =
          udata.custom_2 = AMIT
          udata.custom_1 = Enrich MQ: [cmdb.channelStatus]


    exclusive_routing = no
    active = yes
    post_subject = alarm2
    condition = true
    active = yes
    post_subject = /setup/storm_subject
    condition = true
    routing_rules_during_flood = 2
    routing_rules_no_flood = 1



    this basically takes the value from the original alarm, checks it against the sql with the list of codes and then writes it to custom_1.


    The last thing it tried it changing the message of the alarm so i did this: 

          udata.message = [udata.message] - [cmdb.channelStatus]
          udata.custom_1 = Enrich MQ: [cmdb.channelStatus]

    but this doesn't work. it appears that in the overwrite-rules you are only able to get data from cmdb.x and cannot get any access to udata... - (am i correct ??)


    any way, the message said: [udata.message] - retrying


    any suggestions?