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  • 1.  Can you open a constricted USM alarm view from list views?

    Posted Jul 29, 2016 12:35 PM



    As of UIM 8.41, if you create a 'list view' and designate a column to show 'alarms', when double clicked they will open

    http://UMPaddress/usm/jsp/standalone.jsp . This will open a standalone USM page that will display your entire environment inventory list and groups.


    When using a dashboard to display an alarm however, when double clicked it will open the same URL as above yet it will NOT show the inventory list but rather a constricted view of the alarms selected. So only alarms for that server or filters specified will show.


    Is there a way to have 'list views' show this constricted USM alarm view? Since dashboards apply filters to alarms, it has a different process I imagine. Is there a way to overwrite this?





  • 2.  Re: Can you open a constricted USM alarm view from list views?

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Aug 02, 2016 09:57 AM

    In 8.4 for an alarm cell it should bring you to a filtered alarm view if the following is done.

    Alarm cell

    Double-click on a cell in an alarm column to open the Alarm Console. If you specified any values to filter for alarms (Source Override, Subsystem, Probe, or User Tag) when defining the column, you see only alarms that match those values.


    The List Viewer - CA Unified Infrastructure Management - 8.4 - CA Technologies Documentation

  • 3.  Re: Can you open a constricted USM alarm view from list views?
    Best Answer

    Posted Aug 02, 2016 01:41 PM

    Thanks Gene,


    That seems to work well in development. The issue we have in production is that since we utilize USM groups, list designer doesn't have filters for "group". The list widget in the dashboard does so we use that, however that is missing the drilldown capabilities.


    Also, recently the list views alarm column will randomly start opening alarms in alarm console. Sighh..