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  • 1.  PDF of Basic Performance by Group?

    Posted Jun 26, 2017 04:55 PM

    UIM 8.5.1

    I am looking for a way to generate a scheduled PDF report to be emailed on a periodic basis and it needs to report on the performance of a group of servers that reside in a specific UMP group.  I'm looking for basic metrics on the report such as availability, cpu %, memory %, disk utilization % and I need it to report on a specific generic date range such as 'yesterday' or 'past 30days'.


    Whats the best way to accomplish all of this?  Once I have  one done I will be duplicating but run against other 'group' names.




  • 2.  Re: PDF of Basic Performance by Group?
    Best Answer

    Posted Jun 26, 2017 07:54 PM

    You can use the Top N report from USM to be run against a group. It provides option to choose multiple metrics in the same report .

    Just make sure Top N value mentioned in the report is higher than the number of devices in the group and when it comes to filters set the threshold as Greater Than 0


    Other ways of generating the report would be to use UR or CABI(Jasper)

  • 3.  Re: PDF of Basic Performance by Group?

    Posted Jun 27, 2017 11:08 AM

    While there may be and are uses for top N, I need to report on everything within a group.  Also I would like to avoid scheduling multiple reports due to each report only containing 1 metric.  The old eHealth Health reports were good for the most part with multiple metrics per report.  Ideally allowing me to select any metric(s) I want (obviously within certain constraints) in a fully custom report, allowing me to schedule it how I see fit, and allowing me to choose whether the report is saved to disk or emailed (to name a few) would be ideal.  There is a lot of good information coming in to UIM and calculated that I should be able to easily get out in a format I want as I see fit.