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AWS Probe and local robot correlation issues

  • 1.  AWS Probe and local robot correlation issues

    Posted Sep 26, 2017 03:25 PM



    Presently we have local robot agents out in some EC2 servers in AWS as well as the AWS probe pointing to those same robots.


    The reason is that certain probes like processes, logmon and others require local installation. The big issue is that the EC2 instance read by the AWS probe (usually something like i-oe2482df) and the inventory USM picks up is not correlated and the data is separated, aka the USM will see the 'ec2-IP#.us.west etc, or it will see the robot/local IP name. I can't seem to find the QOS data for some of them too!


    Is there a recommended way to have these items correlate by CA? What is the best practice in this scenario, or is there a better way to monitor these systems (maybe just don't use the AWS probe to monitor CPU/disk?)