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Monitor All Windows Drives by Default

  • 1.  Monitor All Windows Drives by Default

    Posted 10-04-2017 02:16 PM

    We are in the process of moving from eHealth to UIM.  On several of our Windows servers we have 10 to 15 drives that need to be monitored.  Is there a way using the CDM probe to automatically discover all these drives; or do they need to be added individually to the cdm config?


    I have not seen anything in the docs to answer this question and when testing, it looks like only one drive can be manually added at a time.


    Thanks in advance for any responses.


    RJ Jones

  • 2.  Re: Monitor All Windows Drives by Default

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 10-04-2017 04:29 PM

    Try the following and see if it helps.

    1. Locate the cdm file in the archive from Infrastructure Manager, right click and select "Edit"
    2. Find your Windows type and right click the cdm.cfg under the "Files" tab - Select "Edit File". The cdm.cfx will now pop up in an editor.
    3. Modify the cdm.cfx so that the fixed_default section contains your required settings for the highlighted values shown in the following example.
    If you wish to monitor the size of nfs disks, set nfs_space_check to yes, like below.
    active = yes
    qos_disk_usage = yes
    qos_disk_usage_perc = yes
    percent = yes
    qos_inode_usage = no
    qos_inode_usage_perc = no
    inode_percent = yes
    nfs_space_check = yes
    delta_calculate_all = yes
    delta_type = both
    qos_disk_delta = no
    active = yes
    threshold = 10
    message = DiskError
    active = yes
    threshold = 20
    message = DiskWarning
    active = no
    threshold = 10
    message = InodeError
    active = no
    threshold = 20
    message = InodeWarning
    active = yes
    message = DiskMissing
    active = no
    threshold = 10
    message = DeltaError
    active = no
    threshold = 8
    message = DeltaWarning

  • 3.  Re: Monitor All Windows Drives by Default

    Posted 10-05-2017 05:00 AM

    Yes, you can do that using either the fixed_default section of the CFX file, or also using the "custom" section of CDM and write a regex like "[A-Z]:/\" to get all the drives monitored. As you prefer!

    Keep in mind though that the fixed_default section is evaluated to instantiate one section per detected drive when a drive is detected only, ie. if your drive has already been detected and you change parameters in the fixed_default section afterwards, you'll have to remove the disk from the configuration and let CDM discover it again.

  • 4.  Re: Monitor All Windows Drives by Default

    Posted 10-05-2017 09:01 AM



    Thanks for sharing that insight.  This is good to know information as we prepare to bring UIM up and migrate from eHealth.  I am guessing that this also applies to discoveries that we will do for other servers (AIX, Solaris, Linux)?


    Again, your response is greatly appreciated.  





  • 5.  Re: Monitor All Windows Drives by Default

    Posted 10-05-2017 10:11 AM

    Yes it works the same way (other section of the package).

  • 6.  Re: Monitor All Windows Drives by Default

    Posted 10-05-2017 08:58 AM

    David, thanks for the response.  Currently when we discover a server in eHealth; we just discover everything; but the customer tells us which drives they want alert notifications for.  Will this add new drives as they come online; or will we have to re-discover as new drives are added to the server?


    Thanks again for taking the time to respond.



  • 7.  Re: Monitor All Windows Drives by Default

    Posted 10-05-2017 08:30 AM

    You can use the ADE to automatically deploy the robots to the Servers and configure a MCS to the groups to get a specific cdm configuration when the Server is ready in the Group.




    More details about MCS:


    Monitoring Configuration Service - CA Unified Infrastructure Management - 8.5.1 - CA Technologies Documentation 


    There is a Video to help you to understand the MCS, its very simple and can be used with other probes, not just cdm as you can see in the Last link about MCS.


    And some Videos to help you further:


  • 8.  Re: Monitor All Windows Drives by Default

    Posted 10-05-2017 09:03 AM



    Thanks for sharing these resources.  I can share these with my team and we all will be in the know.  We are excited about moving to this new platform.  Having information like this takes away some of the unknown as we prepare to deploy.  I will look at this links and dig in.


    Thank you.