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Nimsoft Alarm expire time

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  • 1.  Nimsoft Alarm expire time

    Posted 12-05-2016 11:46 AM



    I want to configure alarm expire time.


    The idea is to set expire time to alarm by set of conditions ( not to all alarm in the system ), the expire time should be from last time received. 


    where can i configure it ? 

  • 2.  Re: Nimsoft Alarm expire time

    Posted 12-05-2016 03:47 PM

    Hi Asi,


    You will likely want to create an Auto Operator rule.

    Check out some info here - The nas Auto-Operator Tab - CA Unified Infrastructure Management Probes - CA Technologies Documentation 

    There are a variety of options available that allow you to act on an alarm - before or after - it comes into the system.

    Check out that link above to see what the options are.


    Hope that helps!

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    Posted 12-06-2016 09:59 AM


  • 4.  Re: Nimsoft Alarm expire time

    Posted 12-06-2016 09:40 AM



    I already read it, i found only this parameter that can help  - On overdue age, but the problem with this parameters is that as i understand it checks the age of the alarm from first occurrence and i looking for solution to check alarm from last occurrence.

    As i explain i want to run clear alarm on alarms which is older then 3 hours from last time_received, is what the parameter overdue age - do ?

    Or the parameter overdue age - check from the first occurrence if time exceeds the specified threshold ? 


  • 5.  Re: Nimsoft Alarm expire time
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    Posted 02-06-2017 11:30 AM

    Hi Asafy, 


    I created a custom probe to do this kind of things : 


    GitHub - fraxken/Alarms_management: CA UIM Alarms management probe 


    Because NAS AO is not really complete and "On overdue age" is not based on the last occurence (time field). I have to take the time to update the probe for the latest PerlUIM release (R4) but it's working with the R2. 


    You can make the same thing with the NAS (lua script) just by calling the callback 'get_alarms' on NAS and by checking all time field. You make the difference in seconds and you acknowledge if the time is below the defined threshold.


    Best Regards,