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Event Correlation - Options

  • 1.  Event Correlation - Options

    Posted Mar 20, 2017 05:00 PM

    Good afternoon.


    I'm doing a POC where I need to ensure that the Ping response, Jitter, Lantency, and so on are only generated if there is no (interface_traffic) alarm.


    We notice that when an alarm occurs (interface_traffic), in the sequence, alarms occur (net_connect) and this ends up generating several alarms for the same situation.


    Available Options:


    1. Pre-process I can not make the alarm listing in search of the alarm (interface_traffic);
    2. Scripted AO is the closest, making the alarm invisible, or changing severity or deleting it. But the probe of (net_connect) will generate new alarms and will loop until it normalizes. I particularly, I find ugly and keeps filling the alarm history.
    3. Trigger, I think it does not apply.


    The logic is:


    • If you are generating a net_connect alarm for the XYZ profile;
    • Check if there is an interface_traffic alarm for XYZ profile;
    • Ignore this net_connect alarm;


    What I want to avoid:

    • Generate recurring alarms polluting the NAS and generating processing.


    Thank you.