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MTP| IPs not in Server IP list but in Client IP list

  • 1.  MTP| IPs not in Server IP list but in Client IP list

    Posted May 19, 2016 08:47 AM

    Hi All,


    I am stuck in a problem and need your expert advice.


    Scenario/Problem statement: I have a subnet with 6 IPs among which for 1 we are successfully able to add in ADA console. But other 5 were not getting reflected on MTP as well. Later we traversed and found that IPs are not listed in Server IP but in Client IP under analysis pane on MTP.



    1. What difference does it make if IP gets listed in Client IP and not in Server IP? Since under data ,monitoring on ADA console we do have anything like client.

    2. Is there anything that needs to be changed at configuration level to get these IPs reflected under server list on ADA console?

    3. What do we mean by Server/Client Pair?

    4. What configurations are to be checked if entire subnet is there on MTP but no server is there in server list on ADA?


    I am in a lot of mess and very new to the tool. Will appreciate your quick help.