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Monitoring Mirrored port on a virtual Switch - IBM Flex- using Vmware

  • 1.  Monitoring Mirrored port on a virtual Switch - IBM Flex- using Vmware

    Posted Jan 19, 2015 12:17 PM
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    Hi All,


    I'm trying to monitor infromation from a mirror port from a virtual switch on a flex device.


    Actually my client says that they are sending all flush through pot 4995 (not filtered, not marked, etc) but I can't see traffic from a specific internal devices of their virtualized environment. I can see comunication between CA's Infrastructure by the example:

    when the server is the MOM of APM port 5001

    the manager asking to the SQL DB of SOI infrastructure by the port 1443


    specifically of their infrastructure I can see:

    MS AD server - wiht 6 apps like LDAP, Kerberos, AD, etc.

    the Blades of the flex - I can see 6 of that

    I can see the SSH communication, etc.



    but I can see by the example in house applications like "factoraje connected to the SQL DB on the port 1443"


    I'm looking for documentation about the configuration for this kind of monitoing, an internal communication between virtualizaed servers on a Flex IBM device using Vmware to the virtualizaton.


    I'm looking for specific servers using the data raw app of ada but I can see it, I was testing with wireshark but either I can see more traffic than the  CA ADA is showing


    Thank you for your coments!


    I attach a doccument with some screenshots of the ADA environment




    Screen.docx   2.65 MB 1 version