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  • 1.  placing machine into maintenance with pu

    Posted Sep 16, 2010 02:11 AM

    Is it possible to place a machine into maintenance or take it out of maintenance with the pu command.  I'm looking at the switches for the pu command and it has an option called maint_until.  It doesn't appear that I'm executing it appropriately as I'm not able to put a machine into maintenance.  Anybody have an example?

  • 2.  Re: placing machine into maintenance with pu

    Posted Sep 16, 2010 04:20 AM

    Absolutely possible via PU.


    I actually posted this awhile back:



    You can also do this with the Probe Utility against the robot . Use 'maint_until' and specify how long it should be in maintenance mode for, leave 'until' empty (this is an epoch number), and specify how many seconds in the 'for' parameter.

    For example:

    pu -u administrator -p xxxxxxxx /"full path to robot"/controller maint_until for 120 until ""

    Remember to always include all parameters and leave the "blank" ones in the end.

    The call back for the controller is:

    maint_until (until, for)

    To enter maintenance mode:

    Specify either the 'until' value, which is a time value representing the time in seconds since the Epoch (00:00:00 UTC, January 1, 1970) or the 'for' value which is the time in seconds you want the robot to stay in maintenance mode.

    To leave maintenance mode:

    Use the same call but do not specify neither 'until' nor 'for'.



    Here is the original thread with some other options - good luck!





  • 3.  Re: placing machine into maintenance with pu

    Posted Sep 16, 2010 07:24 AM



    When I have used the pu command and passed in arguments on the command line (rather than allowing the command to prompt me), I thought I had to enter the argument values without the names of the arguments. So in your example, I would not have included the words "for" or "until". I do not think I was doing it completely wrong because it actually worked. :smileyhappy: But is this another way to pass in the arguments? It would sure beat the "try to get them in the right order" approach...




  • 4.  Re: placing machine into maintenance with pu

    Posted Sep 17, 2010 12:38 AM

    I take it this doesn't work with ldap integration.  I've tried using it with my active directory account and it does not work.  If I use an account that is local to NMS it works.  Is that accurate that an ldap integrated account will not work with the pu executable?