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How to count string in single line using logmon

  • 1.  How to count string in single line using logmon

    Posted May 04, 2012 06:13 PM

    Hu Guys,


    I need help to using logmon probe to count String in a single line and save QOS Count.


    I'm using URL mode and this page returns this string: "OK|Requisition successfully executed|INTERFACE!LAN!1280144486!4219423164:INTERFACE!WAN!4171080392!1397183388:IP_CLIENTE!!5391737!37482505:IP_CLIENTE!!10449016!93071245:IP_CLIENTE!!5673867!65324028:IP_CLIENTE!!15270942!116866447:IP_CLIENTE!!1832169!8577129:IP_CLIENTE!!844204!6408026:IP_CLIENTE!!203021!6460319:IP_CLIENTE!!5926586!53493280:IP_CLIENTE!!8719564!21263986"


    I need to save QOS count with string IP_CLIENTE, but this string is dynamic.


    I tryed to use match "*IP_CLIENT*", but the count value is 1 because logmon search the first string.


    Someone can help if is it possible? or I need to create script to create multi-line file based on this url command?