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  • 1.  Processes Watcher that watches all Nimsoft Exe's?

    Posted Nov 18, 2014 07:31 PM

    Can someone help me out here? What would the regular expression be to monitor all processes from a box running Nimsoft?


    A client asked us to setup a *.exe processes watcher using processes probe to monitor all Nimsoft\*\*.exe to make sure our software doesn't have either Memory leaks or CPU crazy usage. 


    I'm trying to set this up in the processes probe GUI but not getting this.

    Would like to setup something to monitor all exe running out of either of the following directories:


    C:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\*.exe


    C:\Program Files\Nimsoft\*\


    What would the reg exp be to match on all exe's running out of either of these directories? 

    Would appreciate it!

  • 2.  Re: Processes Watcher that watches all Nimsoft Exe's?

    Posted Nov 18, 2014 08:21 PM

    Ok figured out a different way to acheive this. I setup a new watcher and in the Monitoring Profile setup itself I used the "Resources" button w/in the Recognize process by section and in the "Has parent process:" I specified controller.exe.

    In the TEST button this found and matched on all the Nimsoft exe's. So I'll use this as my specifications to match all Nimsoft exe's to watch on the box.


    The REG EXP I did figure it out. I used:    /.*Nimsoft.*exe/   and that matched only on the exe's from w/in the Nimsoft Path when specified in the "name  command line" section. 

    The problem was that cdm, processes, ntevl when you look at their properties using Processes Explorer tool (Sysinternals) they do not have the full path to C:\Program.....\cdm.exe. They just have in the command line argument:  cdm.exe  so this method would not work out. 


    Processes to Watch all Nimsoft exe's.jpg