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ManageEngine Email Gateway Script

  • 1.  ManageEngine Email Gateway Script

    Posted Nov 09, 2010 04:09 AM

    ManageEngine Email Gateway Script

    This NAS LUA scritpwill send emails from different email addresses based upon the hub
    that the alarm originated from.
    The Alarm Message and Details are sent in the Email.
    NMS Notes that have been attached to the alarm prior to this script running will also
    be sent in the email.

    To Install
    1) Download Blat v2.6.2 from http://www.blat.net
    2) Copy this script into the Nimsoft\probes\service\nas\scripts folder.
    3) Modify this script and set the SMPT Server, Email Recipient and define hub and from email addresses.
    4) Place the Blat.dll, Blat.exe & Blat.lib files in the Nimsoft\probes\service\nas\bin folder.
    5) Create a NAS Auto-Operator Profile with Action type set to Script and choose this script. Set Action mode and Matching Criteria as required.