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SNMPTD - MiB Imports and Dependency

  • 1.  SNMPTD - MiB Imports and Dependency

    Posted Sep 04, 2012 01:20 PM

    One of the most common questions we encounter with regards to the SNMPTD (Trap Daemon) probe is:


    "My MiB does not seem to import properly" or "I cannot see my imported MiB in the trap browser"


    Most commonly this is due to the MiB and its dependency on other MiBs. These dependencies can be found by opening the MiB and looking at the IMPORTS sections (usually near the top of the text file).


    The attached Perl script attempts to collate these dependencies and provide the user with a list of extra required MiBs. If you ever had the pleasure of trying to compile Linux software before the advent of packages managers you will be familiar of the process of - mib X requires mib Z which requires mib Y etc etc


    The script was written on a Linux machine and might need a tweak to run on a windows OS and also requires some additional modules from CPAN installing, however the small amount of time spent setting this up will save much hair been ripped out trying to figure out what MiBs are missing.


    Run the script from the same folder as you extracted the MiB to, most mibs have base dependency of the standard MiB set so its usually a good idea to copy the default mibs from the MIBS folder under nimsoft home to your test directory.

    When run it should tell you what MiBs are missing. There are some options in the script itself.


    This script was developed by the Nimsoft community and comes with no support or guarantee. To that end people with the time and the will to further develop this would be most welcome and it would be great to see this portable and more feature rich some day.