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  • 1.  NimsoftSLM Database documentation

    Posted Nov 11, 2014 05:35 PM

    Because our current Nimsoft Monitoring Sever version (6.5) is out of support we decided to upgrade to UIM 8.0 in a 2-step process (6.5 -> 7.5 -> 8.0). But first on the test environment.


    During upgrade no information was given if there will be changes in the database.

    After the upgrade we checked the data in UMP, and everything looked fine.


    Then we checked the database itself (MSSQL 2012). We found several additional tables along with ones that were removed.

    Additional tables are understandable, and the removed ones seem not that too important. The only exceptions are the DN_QOS_DATA_xxxx tables.


    What is their purpose? Can you maybe provide a NimsoftSLM database documentation where these infos are listed and defined?

    It's important for us because we'd like to migrate data from a far more older version (4.3). We found the method to do this 4.3 -> 6.5 way, but now with the DN tables it is maybe not that simple.

  • 2.  Re: NimsoftSLM Database documentation

    Posted Nov 11, 2014 08:33 PM

    Those are daily compression tables for qos data. By default, Qos is first in RN tables (raw, every sample) after configured time they're compressed to hourly averages in HN tables. Then, after another configuration, they're compressed into daily averages in DN tables.


    This is not configurable in the data_engine IM gui, but in Admin Console. They keys are there in Raw Configure too. However, the config key is named differently from Raw and Hourly qos.. it's "daily_avg_age" while RN is "delete_raw_samples" and HN "delete_history_samples".



  • 3.  Re: NimsoftSLM Database documentation

    Posted Nov 13, 2014 07:05 PM

    It would be useful more detailed documentation of the database Nimsoft, mainly for reporting