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net_connect call back 'get_profile_status'

  • 1.  net_connect call back 'get_profile_status'

    Posted Dec 04, 2014 01:09 PM

    Hi all,


    I am trying to retrieve the check status of the profiles set up in net_connect. The call back 'get_profile_status' looked promising, but it doesn't return anything useful. It seems that status is '1' regardless of the state of the check. Services have a state field, but that seems to be 0 no matter what.


    Nothing is telling me if the profile is up, down or checking. Furthermore, if the profile is de-activated, it doesn't even appear in the table.


    None of this information is held in a 'get_probe_config' from the controller either (which is understandable, but worth checking!)


    If the call back can't do it, do I have any other choice? The GUI clearly has access as you can bring up the list of profiles with their status. How does it get access to that info?