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  • 1.  Dataset or Database?

    Posted Feb 08, 2018 09:59 AM

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out if is it better using a dataset or database for data mapping and other things, considering:


          1 - May or may not have too much data in it;

          2 - May have constant updates;

          3 - Considering above, how does it affect overall performance? 

  • 2.  Re: Dataset or Database?
    Best Answer

    Posted Feb 08, 2018 11:15 AM

    Datasets have an effect in performance as stated in Tune CA Process Automation - CA Process Automation - 04.3.02 - CA Technologies Documentation.


    In general, I use datasets for configuration data and some offer related stuff. 

    I did get lots of used_to_be datasets that are now tables, and that make a feel of a more organized environment.


    For example, I used to have a dataset to relate catalog_external_offer_id with pam_process_path. When Catalog had only a few Offers it was fine, but at one client he had almost 60, so we create a table for that.


    My two cents