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    Posted Feb 06, 2018 11:08 AM

    Hello Community,


    I'll like to know if there's the possibility to create a role for PAM that has only view access on the software.




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    Posted Feb 06, 2018 02:25 PM

    Hi Jason,


    Pam's permission are set by EEM, and you can create a custom EEM group that meet your need. I had to do something like that on a client, that wanted some folks to only have view access to running processes. 


    Checkout the documentation on this:

    Customize Access for a Specified User - CA Process Automation - 4.3 - CA Technologies Documentation 

    I don't know exactly what you mean by view access on the software, but if you want to let a user just to see running processes (my case), you create a new application group (Create a Custom Group - CA Process Automation - 4.3 - CA Technologies Documentation )

    and on process control policy, do something like this:


    So My custom group is the last one, I set that anyone from this group can only monitor processes.