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    Posted 12-16-2016 05:32 AM

      Hi All,


    I am looking for some document or any article that will have some introductory level of CA Process automation.


    Please suggest.



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    Posted 12-19-2016 04:36 AM

    Hi Amala,


    Below are some links which might help you to acclimate with CA Process Automation features and use cases.

    CA Process Automation - CA Technologies 

    CA Process Automation Product Overview & Demo

    Improve time to resolution using PAM

    CA Process Automation Youtube Communities

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    Posted 12-19-2016 05:28 AM

    Along the same lines, I think that CA's GIS BrightTalk web cast about automation of on- and off-boarding of employees using CA Process Automation can be quite inspirational input as well:



    John Sorensen