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"specified for %s exceeds the limit of 512" warning in logs

  • 1.  "specified for %s exceeds the limit of 512" warning in logs

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Feb 21, 2014 08:51 AM

    CA Process Automation Tech Tip by Scott Owens, Sr. Support Engineer, February 21, 2014

    Why is my c2o.log on the PAM server filling up with the following message?

    2014-02-10 12:53:04,023 WARN
    [com.optinuity.c2o.service.serviceoperation.jdbcserviceoperation.RunnerJDBCSelectServiceOperation] [37-ce4f5fb16867] Warning the value specified for %s exceeds the limit of 512. Results may be truncated.

    The warning appears when the operator explicitly has the field 'Maximum Rows to retrieve' set to a value > 512, or if the operator inherits a value from the module 'Default Maximum Rows' > 512.  Set value to 500 and the warnings will not display.

    In the Generic and Select JDBC operators, PAM has a hard-coded limit of 512 records that can be retrieved from the DB. If the user specifies a value that exceeds 512, then the PAM JDBC operators write the warning, specified above, in the logs to notify the user that the results may be truncated.
    The user can specify the maximum number of records (to be retrieved) either at the operator level in the field: 'Maximum rows to retrieve' or at the JDBC Module level in the field: 'Default Maximum Rows' in the Oracle/MSSQL/MySQL/Sybase Properties.  If this exceeds > 512 you will see the warnings throughout the logs.  Please check in your environment if you have put a value that exceeds 512 in any of these fields (either at the operator or module level). Please note that the value at the module level is inherited by all JDBC operators that do not explicitly specify a value in the 'Maximum rows to retrieve'.