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Request routing failed with status -1 (Undefined)

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  • 1.  Request routing failed with status -1 (Undefined)

    Posted May 23, 2019 05:47 AM

    Hi there,

    we see this error in our audit logs and in Addition to this we find the following entry in ssg-log:

    2019-05-23T11:24:22.625+0200 SEVERE  556888 com.l7tech.server.SoapMessageProcessingServlet: java.lang.ClassCastException


    The issue is not happening for each and every request and can't be forced.

    What I'm also wondering is, that our error handling within the policy is NOT catching this issue (the section with the routing-assertion is part of an "At least"-folder with an "Error handling"-folder at the end, but this will not be triggered). So it looks like the issue is on a lower level ("outside" of the policy). The gateway is responding with its own default 500 Internal Server Error message:

    <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="">
                <faultstring>Error in assertion processing</faultstring>
                    <l7:policyResult status="java.lang.ClassCastException" xmlns:l7=""/>

    Any idea where this is coming from and/or how to further troubleshot this?

    Thank you!


    Ciao Stefan

  • 2.  RE: Request routing failed with status -1 (Undefined)
    Best Answer

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jul 18, 2019 01:07 PM
    If you review the documentation, you will find this page which I've linked to for your convenience:

    It has the routing response codes, and the -1 will show that it is a "Host not found" which basically means a DNS issue as it cannot resolve the hostname used in the routing assertion. You will likely want to get your network team involved to determine why the  Gateway periodically cannot lookup the hostname. If the IP doesn't change, it may be worthwhile putting it in the /etc/hosts file but of course if it changes you'll need to manually intervene then too so it may not be worth it. Another thing to make sure if that the DNS servers your Gateway is using are still valid, in case you have one that is but one that isn't and anytime it reaches out to the one that isn't it will then fail with that error. Your network team should be able to determine that though with you.

    I hope that helps.